• Precast Slab Vibrator Table (PSVT 1200)

    Concrete compaction is also known as consolidation of concrete which is used to get the highest density of concrete. Historically, it was achieved by ramming or punning, but nowadays compaction is mostly carried out by vibration. Air bubbles develop when the fresh concrete is poured into the form. If we do not eliminate air bubbles from the concrete mix then concrete becomes porous or permeable. Porous or permeable concrete leads to the problems like leakages, corrosion, etc. in house or building. Compaction or consolidation is a technique, which has the effect of fluidifying the mortar component of the concrete mix so that internal friction reduces and packing of coarse aggregates takes place. The technique eliminates most of the entrapped air bubbles from the fresh concrete. It helps to achieve the designed strength of concrete and ultimately increases the service life of the house or building.
  • PSVT 1200
Product Model PCSTB 1200
Type Manual
Usage/Application Precast Product Construction
Material (Iron) Tata / Sail
Thickness 8mm 1200 x 1200
Driven Through 3Hp (III Phase) Vibrator Table
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We are Lal Bhai Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd.