• Reversible Mobile (RM800) (Reversible Mobile Plant)

    Reversible drum mixers from Infinity, one of the well known construction equipment supplier, are specialized construction equipment used to mix the concrete of cement, sand and other aggregates and carry the same from the batching plant to the area where it has to be poured. These are essential construction equipment generally used in the construction of canals, buildings, dams and highways and are a mandate part of the mobile batching plant.
  • Reversible Mobile Plant
Brand / Model Mini Mobile Unimix Reversible Mixer / RM 800 E
Output Capacity / Hour Upto 10 - 12 Cum / hr
Main Drive Of the Mixer 7.5 HP ( Electric Motor)
Water Tank Capacity 200 Ltr. Capacity
Water Feeding System Sensor based auto water Accurate Feeding System
Pneumatic Tyres 4 Nos.
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 40 Ltr. ( Hydraulic Oil )
Tow Bar Facility Yes
Total Concrete Power 15 HP
Bin / Hopper Three Bin Exclusively Customize & Design
Fitting All Fitting As per Product
We are Lal Bhai Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd

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We are Lal Bhai Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd.