• Reversible Mobile (RM1050) (Reversible Mobile Plant)

    A reversing drum mixer (also commonly called a non-tilting mixer) is a type of concrete mixer that produces concrete in single batches. The entire drum rotates around its axis as materials are loaded through a charge chute at one end of the drum and exit through a discharge chute at the opposite end of the drum. Reversible drum mixers have hoppers wherein sand, cement & other aggregates are digitally weighed and loaded in its heavy-duty mixer drum. In this reversible drum, concrete is mixed in forwarding rotation and discharged in reverse rotation. Options of a single bin, three bin & four bins as per requirement. SCADA enabled advanced system available with Infinity Reversible Drum Mixer
  • Reversible Mobile Plant
Output Capacity /Hr 12 - 15 Cum/Hr
Prime Mover Capacity 15 HP (Electric Motor)
Drum Size Litre / Ring Diameter 1050 Litre / 1450 Dia
Water Feeding System Sensor Based Auto Water Acc. Feeding System
Centralized lubrication system Inbuilt centralized lubrication system
Control Panel (Fully Automatic) PLC Micro processor based control panel
Hyd. Tank Capacity 40 Ltr. ( Hydraulic Oil ) - 60 C Grade Oil
Water Tank Capacity 250 Litre Tank (1.5 H.P. Motor)
Suggested DG set 30 KVA Diesel Generator Set
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We are Lal Bhai Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd.