• RoadMaster V.3.0 (3 in1) ()

    Road-Master - Machine Which Makes Possible Self Driven Lift Machine On The Go * Self Driven - No Need to Tow from any Other Vehicle Like Tractor etc. * Driven By PIAJO 5 Gear with Reverse Gear for fully Independent System. * Road-Master Carry Hardware along with 6-8 Person to the required Site. * It has Indigenous Design for Compact and Congested Area. * It has Self Carrying Facilities with or without Option of Lift Machine. * It Has Unique Injection Facility for fuel Efficiency and heavy Chassis to Make it King of Road. * Driven By Diesel with self and without self mode.
Brand Name RoadMaster V.3.0 (3 in1)
Drum Capacity 10/7 ( One Bag up to 2 Bag Capacity)
Drum Thickness Mild Steel with 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 4mm
Machine Chassis TATA / SAIL 100 x 50 mm (4”x 2” inch)
Driven / Type 15HP Kirloskar Commercial Engine (Air Cooled )
Lift Type / Height Mechanical U Bucket Type - (Std.-65' Feet)
Wire Rope Usha Martin 12 mm / 2 Year Warranty
Dynamo Kirloskar Motor 5KVA Alternator with all fittings
Shafty Tractor mounted Shaft Assembly
Panel Electric panel with Starter
Warranty One Year from Purchase date (T&C Applied)
We are Lal Bhai Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd

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We are Lal Bhai Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd.